Questioning what we think and discovering what is really true for us….


The Work of Byron Katie is a process of inquiry through which we can examine the stressful stories we have about our lives, that cause us confusion and suffering.

What is a story?

Well, any thought can be a story – he should understand me, for example. Even a single thought like that one creates an certain expectation inside us – and so creates tension and suffering – as we look at someone else and feel something is missing from our relationship, something that we feel ought to be available from them. We treat them differently then.

The Work of Byron Katie is a process of questioning our thoughts to see if they are really true for us. We tend to assume they are – because we’ve never stopped to look and ask ourselves.

When we question a thought like he should understand me using The Work of Byron Katie, we can notice the effect on us and on our relationship to another, of thinking this thought, of living out of this expectation. We can notice how it causes us stress and unhappiness. How it even creates tension and contraction in our bodies.

The process of inquiry then guides us into the experience of exploring and discovering what it would be like to be without that thought dominating – however subtly – our attitude to someone in our life. The Work gives us an opportunity to look into the world that emerges when we don’t hold onto the thought. 

My own experience of doing The Work on this thought and other thoughts like it, is that, as a result, an unimagined inner freedom emerges – together with a quieter, more peaceful mind. And I have seen how my relationships change, becoming free of resentment and manipulation. Then love flows naturally and easily….